Tired of not looking your best in your pictures? Join the selfie revolution and never take a bad selfie again.

Works with All Smart Phones

The Veemoh Selfie Ring Light Plus works with All Smart Phones, at any angle, and any direction! Simply clamp the light on to your phone where ever you need it. 

Wireless Remote Control

Included with every Veemoh Selfie Ring Light Plus is a Bluetooth Remote Control so that you can set up your shots just the way you want them and never again miss a group picture. Works with both iOS and Android Smartphones

3 Levels of brightness

When taking pictures in dark environments, be sure your pictures will turn out right, each and every time! Simply select the desired level of Brightness, and snap away!

What people are saying

Susan Bolanos  -  Amazon.com

" The light is so amazingly bright and with three different levels of lighting, she always gets the right light for the right photo "

Riley  -  Amazon.com

" I am more than comfortable granting five stars. You should grab one, it does work so much better than just the light on your phone! "

Sandi S.  -  Amazon.com

" I will be keeping this in my purse!! No more dark selfies when I'm out with family or friends! I will be prepared at all times! "