Heavy Duty Office


The power to hold everything in place. Now on Amazon.com

Need magnets that can handle more weight? You've just found them. Meet your new performance magnets.

Magnets that can carry a heavy load

The Veemoh Heavy Duty Office Magnets are true to their name. These magnets will hold up a demanding weight load, while the ABS coating keep will keep them durable for years.

Come in multiple sizes

Not all jobs have the same needs. That's why the Veemoh Heavy Duty Office Magnet pack has 3 different magnet sizes. Magnets come in Small (0.95″), Medium (1 ¼″), and Large (1 ½″) to offer you the right option for the right job

Variety and plenty of it

Designed to stand out, Veemoh Heavy Duty Magnets come in an assortment of vibrant colors that will leave an impact. And at 36 pieces you're getting 15% more then the industry standard pack

What people are saying

D. Johnson - Amazon.com

" I love the way the bright colors liven up my small kitchen! Highly recommend them for others! "

Amazon Customer  -  Amazon.com

" Easily the strongest magnets I've ever used! "

LA  -  Amazon.com

" These magnets do an excellent job holding student work, posters, and chart paper in the classroom! Definitely a great purchase! "